Where the past and the future fuse in a spirit of innovation – Haus zur Trülle

Since its foundation in 2000, Private Equity Invest AG has been based in the «Haus zur Trülle» at Bahnhofstrasse 69, Zurich – right at the heart of the city and its vibrant financial centre.

Originally built in 1897 and owned by Jelmoli Immobilien AG since 1945, the «Haus zur Trülle» is historically important for the city of Zurich. The architects Otto W. Pfleghardt and Max Haefeli erected the building on the site where there used to be an instrument of torture in the Middle Ages.

The Swiss word «Trüllen» means to spin round, and refers to a vertically suspended cage that was used to torture people. Street kids used to spin the cage, in which the «sinner» was put on public display. There is a 6x8 metre bas-relief on the gable of the building commemorating this mediaeval tableau.

The structure of the building erected at the end of the 19th century includes elements of the natural stone façade that was popular at the time and, in the bottom section, one of the first glass and steel structures to be built in Zurich. The listed building was renovated in 2007 with the support of the canton’s lottery fund.